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The idea that in 1989 led to the creation of G.E.D.A. was that of transferring in the aeronautical field the concept of “Audit” and the legal revision of accounts (always used as a method to guarantee transparency, fairness and soundness of any company) – by developing and expanding it with specific interventions both in the technical as well as the operational areas in order to tailor it to the aeronautical field.

In the course of more than 25 years of activity, G.E.D.A. has operated taking as constant terms of reference the highest safety standards and applying these in the offshore transport services as well as in the helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS / HSAR) and, more generally, in the Public Transport sector (passenger and cargo) by means of both fixed-wing and rotary wing, as well as Aerial Work.

It is G.E.D.A. ‘s commitment to keep on pursuing Continuous Improvement as a central element of its development policy, and maintain the high quality standards that have always distinguished its work.